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New Karate Dojo

New Karate Dojo

I am really excited to reveal our new Dojo. sorry for the poor image, I will upload a better one today. Looks a mess at the moment, but I am hoping it will not take long to refurb. Ripping up the old rotten wooden floor and trying not to fall through the floor joists 🙂 […]

The History Of Okinawan Karate Video ...

history of okinawan karate

The Land of Karate : Episode 1 The Land of Karate : Episode 2 The Land of Karate : Episode 3 The Land of Karate : Episode 4 The Land of Karate : Episode 5 The Land of Karate : Episode 6 The Land of Karate : Episode 7

Learn Karate At Home The First Shotok...

kihon kata

Taikyoku shodan or Kihon kata is the first shotokan karate kata practiced. It simplicity makes the form very confusing for a new karateka, because the whole kata only consists of 2 different karate techniques, they are gedan barai (downward block) and oi zuki (stepping punch). Both techniques are performed in zenkutsudachi (front stance). There are […]

Ushiro Geri Shotokan Karate Exercise

ushiro geri exercise

A really simple shotokan karate exercise, working on not over turning the hips and body on back kick. Partner up, or this exercise can also be practiced against the wall. From ju-kamae simply spin and kick ushiro geri, stop at completion of the kick and try not to push onto the target, to hold your […]

Mikio Yahara Sensei And Unsu!

When watching Yahara Sensei perform Unsu, it’s beautiful, graceful and powerful, while at the same time being real scary. Yahara Sensei encompasses the philosophy of ‘Ikken Hisstatsu‘ in his every technique! Staying with Yahara Sensei and Unsu, this is a great video, with Yahara Sensei explaining what this particular shotokan kata means to him. It’s […]

Tekki Shodan Shotokan Karate Kata Vid...

Tekki Shodan Means ‘Iron Horse First Level’. There are three Tekki Kata within the Shotokan system. Tekki shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan. Tekki Shodan in many karate dojo, is the required kata for 3rd Kyu or brown belt, but this does vary from dojo to dojo. The original name for the Tekki kata, was […]

Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Master Anko Itosu, after being one of the driving forces behind the push to get karate into Okinawan schools, he is also considered by many, to be the main reason karate spread to mainland Japan and then the rest of the world! Anko Itosu was born in 1831 and died in 1915. He was small […]

Master Anko Itosu – Ten Precept...

In October 1908, Master Anko Itosu wrote a letter, “Ten Precepts (Tode Jukun) of Karate,” to impress upon the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of War in Japan, on the benefits of karate practice. Ten Precepts of Karate Karate did not develop from Buddhism or Confucianism. In the past the Shorin-ryu school and the […]

JKA Kata Video

A brilliant shotokan karate kata video compilation. This is full of JKA champions! My favourite kata can be seen at 25.28, where Sensei Tomoyuki Aihara, performs Unsu (cloud hands) at the 3rd Shoto World Cup in Sunderland, England, where he came 1st, beating the incredible Sensei Frank Brennan. I really like Sensei Aihara’s Unsu, so […]

Simultaneous Block and Counter Shotok...

Simultaneous Block and Counter Shotokan Karate Kumite Exercise

This kumite exercise consists of three gyaku zuki (reverse punch) attacks, with 3 simultaneous block/reverse punch counters. This is a great shotokan exercise for timing. Start slowly, then gradually pick up the speed, until the attacker can add in dummy and feigns before the attacks are launched (see video below). It takes great timing and […]

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