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Shotokan Karate Exercise Partner Kick...

Shotokan Karate Exercise Partner Kicking Combination

A shotokan karate exercise involving a kicking combination. From left side kamae, 1. Mae geri with the right leg, then step back 2. step 45 degrees forward and to the right with the right leg. 3. step up with the left leg then rotate and kick mawashi geri with the right leg to the back […]

Shotokan Karate Exercise For Back Kic...

Shotokan Karate Exercise For Back Kick (Ushiro Geri)

Ushiro geri is one of the strongest shotokan karate kicks and executed by someone who reall has a full understanding of the techniue, this kick can be devastating! One of the common mistakes when practicing the shotokan karate back kick or ushiro geri, is the over spin! Karateka (someone who practices karate) spin to do […]

Seiken – The Karate Fist

Seiken  – The Karate Fist

The karate fist. Seiken It is very important to have a corect fist when punching, many karateka spend to little time on developing a correct fist and they believe they have a strong fist, that is, until they hit something! Once you feel comfortable with your fist, try hitting something, start with something soft, then […]

Learning Karate – Kizami-zuki o...

Learning Karate – Kizami-zuki or Jab Punch

Kizami-zuki (Jab Punch) is karate’s equivelant of the boxers jab. Karateka (someone who practices karate) practice a few different variations of this technique. When practicing this karate technique, make sure basic karate principles are adhered to. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed, make sure the elbow follows directly behind the fist, breathe naturally and Kime […]

What Do You Want From Karate?

What Do You Want From Karate?

You Must Know This Before Starting Karate! Before you even think about attending karate classes, or practicing at home you need to know what type of karate you want to practice. There are all sorts of people practicing karate and there are as many different types of karate instructors, teaching karate, as there are different […]

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And ...

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And Stretch

This is one of the most neglected parts of karate training and it is a part of karate that you ignore at your peril. Not only is stretching healthy, it also helps prevent injury during karate classes. Stretching should be practiced before and after your karate lessons. My sensei said to me, ‘the only time […]

Learning Karate at Home Some Tips For...

Learning Karate at Home Some Tips For Success!

If you are learning karate at home, or practice karate at home, alongside your regular dojo practice, having a good training routine is a must. Now I am older, I tend to train mainly at the dojo, but here are a few tips that helped me tremendously when training at home. 1. A good warm […]

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

More and more people are starting to learn karate, there are people joining karate dojo every minute of every day and there are just as many people who want to practice karate, but have no where to go! NO ONE can say you CANNOT learn karate by yourself, of course we recommend a good karate […]

Shotokan Karate Basic Shotokan Stance...

Shotokan Karate Basic Shotokan Stances

Heisoku-dachi – informal attention stance Heisoku-dachi (informal attention stance). Feet and heels together, arms straight, hands open and placed against the thighs, at the side of the body. Make sure the hands are straight, with the thumbs bent. Karate dojo use Heisoku-dachi (Feet together), or Musubi-dachi (Heels together, feet turned out), before a particular karate […]

Karate Kihon

Karate Kihon

Kihon is a Japanese word meaning “basics” or “fundamentals What is karate kihon and why do we do it? Kihon is the basic karate techniques of stances, blocking, punching, striking and kicking. Repetition of basic Karate kihon holds all the secrets! Basic karate moves, or simple combinations, is all that’s needed to achieve a very […]