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Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Master Anko Itosu, after being one of the driving forces behind the push to get karate into Okinawan schools, he is also considered by many, to be the main reason karate spread to mainland Japan and then the rest of the world! Anko Itosu was born in 1831 and died in 1915. He was small […]

Master Anko Itosu – Ten Precept...

In October 1908, Master Anko Itosu wrote a letter, “Ten Precepts (Tode Jukun) of Karate,” to impress upon the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of War in Japan, on the benefits of karate practice. Ten Precepts of Karate Karate did not develop from Buddhism or Confucianism. In the past the Shorin-ryu school and the […]

JKA Kata Video

A brilliant shotokan karate kata video compilation. This is full of JKA champions! My favourite kata can be seen at 25.28, where Sensei Tomoyuki Aihara, performs Unsu (cloud hands) at the 3rd Shoto World Cup in Sunderland, England, where he came 1st, beating the incredible Sensei Frank Brennan. I really like Sensei Aihara’s Unsu, so […]