Karate And The Fujian Quan (boxing) or White Crane Connection

Below is a facsinating video, looking at the connection between karate and White Crane Kung Fu.

karate master Kanryo Higaonna

Kanryo Higaonna

One of the founders of  karate, Master Kanryo Higaonna, travelled from Okinawa to fujian province in China, to study martial arts. He studied under a kung fu master by the name of Ryu Ryu Ko, although there is no written records of someone by this name, some karate historians believe it was Xie Chongxiang.

Xie Chongxiang was a White Crane Kung Fu master in Fuzhou in the Dang dynasty. The founder of White Crane was a lady by the name of Fang Qiniang

Goju Ryu Founder chojun myagi

Chojun Myagi

Two Chinese Goju Ryu black belts Au Kam-Tong and his junior, Hon Cheuk-kin, set out to see if indeed, karate has roots in White Crane. 

White Crane originated in Yongchun, but the two karateka first go to Hong Kong, where they find White Crane Master, Li Kong.

learn to fight

Master Li kong has one of his students demonstrate Sanzhan, which is extremely close to Goju Ryu’s Sanchin karate kata. The founder of Goju Ryu karate was Master Chojun Myagi, who was studied under Master Kanryo Higaonna.

Here is the full video below, very interesting 🙂

Note: It says in the video that Kanyro Hihaonna was the founder of Goju Ryu, but he was actually the founder of Naha-te, his student Chojun Myagi was the founder of Goju Ryu as we know it today.





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