Karate Classes Online Required Brown Belt Basics

shotokan karate gyaku zukiThis is part of the required brown belt basics here at Karate Classes Online. The other basic requirements are brown belt kicking combination 1 and kicking on the spot.
Because of the snapping techniues that are now required, Hikite is something that the new brown belt karateka make mistakes with. The transition from purple/white belt to brown belt is difficult, but if you take your time and practice slowly, the brown belt basics will very quickly start to advance. Shomen and Hanmi is another area where the new brown belts struggle and that’s because of the snapping punches, too much emphasise is put on the punch and not enough on the body and hip rotation. Shomen and Hanmi is very important!

learn to fight

1. Kiami zuki, oi zuki, gyaku zuki
2. Mae geri, oi uki, gyaku zuki
3. Yoko geri kekomi, uraken, gyaku zuki
4. Mawashi geri, uraken, gyaku zuki
5. Ushiro geri, uraken, gyaku zuki

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