Learn Karate At Home The First Shotokan Kata Kihon kata or Taikyoku Shodan

kihon kata

Taikyoku shodan or Kihon kata is the first shotokan karate kata practiced.

It simplicity makes the form very confusing for a new karateka, because the whole kata only consists of 2 different karate techniques, they are gedan barai (downward block) and oi zuki (stepping punch). Both techniques are performed in zenkutsudachi (front stance).

There are two big turns in the kata which are both 270 degree spins.

Emphasise should be put on shomen (square facing) and hanmi (side facing), along with zenkutsudachi (front stance) and hikite (pulling hand).

Master Kowazoe performing Kihon Kata


Master Ohta performing Kihon Kata


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