Learning Karate – Kizami-zuki or Jab Punch

Kizami-zuki (Jab Punch) is karate’s equivelant of the boxers jab. Karateka (someone who practices karate) practice a few different variations of this technique.

When practicing this karate technique, make sure basic karate principles are adhered to. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed, make sure the kizami zuki punchelbow follows directly behind the fist, breathe naturally and Kime (focus) at the end of the technique.

1. From a low front stance, right sided free fighting position, drive from left leg and punch with the right lead arm, whilst at the same time, pulling the left arm (Hikite) back. Be sure and use the left leg and as you punch, drive the body weight forward slightly to maximize power. Ensure both fists complete at the same time and then immediately snap them both back to free fighting position. This punch can also be practiced without pulling the hikite arm back.

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2. From a more natural higher fighting stance, punch kizami-zuki with the right arm, once again using the left leg to drive the punch and body karate at homeweight forward slightly. This is a snapping punch with guard up.

Kizami-zuki Tip

Kizami-zuki is very fast and when some people attack, they leave themselves wide open for a fast kizami-zuki counter to the head. Once you have the technique down, it’s then all down to timing. When someone dashes at you and you have good reactions and timing, a kizami-zuki counter punch can be devastating!

Kizami-Zuki Video

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