What Do I Want From Karate? You Must Know This Before Starting Your Karate Journey

Before you even think about starting karate, you need to know what karate is, or more importantly, what type of karate you want to practice! There are all sorts of people practicing karate and there are as many different types of karate instructors, teaching karate.  There are no two karate instructors the same and noContinue Reading

Learning Karate at Home – The Benefits and the Problems

Learning karate at home has it’s problems, one of them being, no karate sensei (Teacher)! This is not to say that people should not learn karate at home, actually I believe learning karate at home should be encouraged. The karate warm up and stretch is an extremely important and sometimes over looked are of karateContinue Reading

Jiyu Ippon kumite – Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Sparring

Generally, Jiyu-ippon kumite is introduced into the training at 3rd Kyu (brown belt). Jiyu-ippon kumite requires fast reactions and the ability to adapt to changing situations, the attacker is allowed to move freely, dummy and feign before the attacks. Unlike Kihon-ippon kumite (basic one-step sparring), where the attacker moves from a static position. Attacker andContinue Reading

Oizuki – Stepping Punch

Oizuki (basic stepping punch), looks so simple. But for Shotokan karateka who follow the karate way, it’s an art form all on its own! Indeed, lots of dojo place little importance on the intricate and detailed movement required to execute karate’s basic stepping punch (oizuki). They see a step and a punch and as longContinue Reading

Learn Karate – Benefits of the Karate Kata (Form)

Kata (form), is a set sequence of karate moves, ranging from a few really basic karate moves, up to hundreds of the really advanced techniques. These techniques are strung together in a predetermined order, that in some instances, has not changed for hundreds of years. These forms start from the white belt kata, which haveContinue Reading

The Difference Between A Person Of Do (The Way) And A Little Person

Many years ago, my sensei told me a story, A student once asked his sensei, “What is the difference between a person of Do (the way) and a little person?” The sensei replies, “It is simple. When the little person receives their first dan black belt, they can hardly wait to run home and shoutContinue Reading

Shotokan Kata List

The 27 Shotokan Kata Kata is often described as a set sequence of karate moves organised into a prearranged fight against imaginary opponents. The kata consists of kicks, punches, sweeps, strikes, blocks and throws. Body movement in the various kata includes, stepping, twisting, turning, dropping to the ground and jumping. In this article we mentionContinue Reading

Shuto Uke – Knife Hand Block

In shotokan karate, Shuto uke or knife hand block is probably the most difficult of all the basic karate techniques. Especially when stepping in kokutsu dachi (shotokan back stance). Many shotokan karate dojo do not practice this technique until the karateka has been attending karate lessons for several months. Even if you have just startedContinue Reading

Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Basics Kicking Combination 2 (Kicking on the spot)

Here at Karate Classes Online, this kicking exercise is part of the required brown belt basics for brown belt and above. 1. Take up a fighting stance with the right leg in front for this shotokan karate brown belt kicking combination 2. Kick mae geri (front kick) with the left leg. Keep the left kneeContinue Reading

Uchi Ude Uke – Inside Forearm Block

Uchi ude uke, or inside forearm block is one of the basic karate moves, in the karate dojo. This karate technique should be first practiced in the shotokan stance, shizentai (natural stance), with feet approximately shoulder width apart and toes facing forward. Video tutorial at the bottom of this page 1. The right blocking armsContinue Reading