Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Basics Kicking Combination 1

This kicking exercise is part of the required brown belt basics for brown belt and above, here at Karate Classes Online.

1. Take up a fighting stance with the left leg in frontshotokan karate brown belt kicking combination

2. Kick mae geri (front kick) with the right leg.

3. Step down and forward after the kick, then execute a yoko geri kekomi (side thrust kick), with the left leg.

4. Step down and forward after the kekomi, then kick Mawashi geri (round house kick), with the right leg.

5. Step down and forward, then kick ushiro geri (back kick), with the left leg.

6. As you step forward and down after the back kick, hit with a left uraken uchi (back fist) strike.

learn to fight

7. As you snap the back fist back, execute a right sided gyaku uki (reverse punch).

8. Mawate (turn), then repeat on the other side.


Try to make this combination flow, treat it as one karate move. Karateka tend to pause after each kick, but really, the body weight should continue travelling forward at maxximum speed, with no hesitation.

Don’t let the arms fly everywhere throughout this combination, keep kamae!

Be sure to have hikite for both the back fist strike and the reverse punch.

This kicking combination is a required part of the testing sylabus here at KCO.

Brown Belt Kicking Combination 1 Video Below


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