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I get contacted from people all over the world who are desperate to learn karate, but have no way to attend a karate dojo. Does this mean these people cannot learn karate?

Karate is a wonderful art and it should be accesable to anyone wanting to train.

Before I ramble on, I strongly believe, that if possible, people should practice karate with a fully qualified karate sensei, if it’s not possible and you really want to train, then it’s time to enter the world of online karate classes, karate books and karate DVD’s.

I will be blunt, you are going to find things much harder without a sensei. Without a karate sensei, things become a little more tricky, but with the aid of video cameras and computer technology, you can film yourself, then compare to an expert’s video, you can even edit in a simple program, so your video plays next to the experts video.

The internet has opened up opportunities for people all over the world, who in the past, had no way of learning karate and other subjects.

The martial arts is steeped in history and philosophy, so it’s a good idea to do some research, karate on wikipedia is a great starting point. The reason i say this, is because karate is not simply punching and kicking, it involves so much more, yes, you can simply kick and punch, but that’s merely scratching the surface of this wonderful art. As a small child i used to watch the kung fu series on TV. it’s full of great martial arts and even better life teachings, wise philosophy passed from master to student.

Please feel free to browse our karate blog, it has lots of content, including karate videos, articles and more.

We also have a 10 lesson shotokan karate online course available, which gives a really good introduction into karate.

Yours in karate


PS. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao-tzu (Laozi)

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