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Karate Classes – 8 Tips to Help...

Karate Classes – 8 Tips to Help Your Kumite (Sparring)

When first starting karate, many people are worried about the kumite (sparring), but then again, some people go to the karate dojo, ONLY for the kumite! But whether you enjoy the sparring, or are petrified, there are certain basic principles that can ease the pain for the people who find the sparring difficult and dramatically […]

Karate Kihon

Karate Kihon

Kihon is a Japanese word meaning “basics” or “fundamentals What is karate kihon and why do we do it? Kihon is the basic karate techniques of stances, blocking, punching, striking and kicking. Repetition of basic Karate kihon holds all the secrets! Basic karate moves, or simple combinations, is all that’s needed to achieve a very […]