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Soto Ude Uke – Outside Forearm ...

Soto Ude Uke – Outside Forearm Block

Shotokan karate kihon. Soto ude uke, or outside forearm block is a tricky karate move to begin with because it contains both linear and circular arm movements, this karate technique should be first practiced in shizentai (natural stance), with feet approximately shoulder width apart and toes facing forward, as shown in the video below. 1. […]

Learning Karate – Kizami-zuki o...

Learning Karate – Kizami-zuki or Jab Punch

Kizami-zuki (Jab Punch) is karate’s equivelant of the boxers jab. Karateka (someone who practices karate) practice a few different variations of this technique. When practicing this karate technique, make sure basic karate principles are adhered to. Keep the shoulders down and relaxed, make sure the elbow follows directly behind the fist, breathe naturally and Kime […]