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Learning Martial Arts – Karate ...

Learning Martial Arts – Karate Benefits For All the Family

Our lives are getting crazy fast and nobody seems to have time for anything, but work, school and paying the bills! Life should be better, but people are more stressed today than they ever have been. Fast cars, fast food, fast computers, remote controls, email, video games, council tax, car tax, electric bills, gas bills, […]

Learn Karate – Benefits of the ...

Learn Karate – Benefits of the Karate Kata (Form)

Kata (form), is a set sequence of karate moves, ranging from a few really basic karate moves, up to hundreds of the really advanced techniques. These techniques are strung together in a predetermined order, that in some instances, has not changed for hundreds of years. These forms start from the white belt kata, which have […]

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And ...

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And Stretch

This is one of the most neglected parts of karate training and it is a part of karate that you ignore at your peril. Not only is stretching healthy, it also helps prevent injury during karate classes. Stretching should be practiced before and after your karate lessons. My sensei said to me, ‘the only time […]

Learning Karate at Home Some Tips For...

Learning Karate at Home Some Tips For Success!

If you are learning karate at home, or practice karate at home, alongside your regular dojo practice, having a good training routine is a must. Now I am older, I tend to train mainly at the dojo, but here are a few tips that helped me tremendously when training at home. 1. A good warm […]

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

More and more people are starting to learn karate, there are people joining karate dojo every minute of every day and there are just as many people who want to practice karate, but have no where to go! NO ONE can say you CANNOT learn karate by yourself, of course we recommend a good karate […]