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Learn Karate – Benefits of the ...

Learn Karate – Benefits of the Karate Kata (Form)

Kata (form), is a set sequence of karate moves, ranging from a few really basic karate moves, up to hundreds of the really advanced techniques. These techniques are strung together in a predetermined order, that in some instances, has not changed for hundreds of years. These forms start from the white belt kata, which have […]

Seiken – The Karate Fist

Seiken  – The Karate Fist

The karate fist. Seiken It is very important to have a corect fist when punching, many karateka spend to little time on developing a correct fist and they believe they have a strong fist, that is, until they hit something! Once you feel comfortable with your fist, try hitting something, start with something soft, then […]

Shotokan Karate Online Course

Shotokan Karate Online Course

I get contacted from people all over the world who are desperate to learn karate, but have no way to attend a karate dojo. Does this mean these people cannot learn karate? Karate is a wonderful art and it should be accesable to anyone wanting to train. Before I ramble on, I strongly believe, that […]