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Soto Ude Uke – Outside Forearm ...

Soto Ude Uke – Outside Forearm Block

Shotokan karate kihon. Soto ude uke, or outside forearm block is a tricky karate move to begin with because it contains both linear and circular arm movements, this karate technique should be first practiced in shizentai (natural stance), with feet approximately shoulder width apart and toes facing forward, as shown in the video below. 1. […]

Shotokan Karate Stances – Zenku...

Shotokan Karate Stances – Zenkutsu Dachi – Front Stance

When you first start karate, Zenkutsu dachi is one of the first karate stances you will practice. A good strong front stance is essential in your karate practice, as this is where the foundations of your karate begin. Zenkutsu dachi is used by many as a conditioning exercise, obviously, when fighting or in self defense, […]

Shotokan Karate Online Course

Shotokan Karate Online Course

I get contacted from people all over the world who are desperate to learn karate, but have no way to attend a karate dojo. Does this mean these people cannot learn karate? Karate is a wonderful art and it should be accesable to anyone wanting to train. Before I ramble on, I strongly believe, that […]