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Mikio Yahara Sensei And Unsu!

When watching Yahara Sensei perform Unsu, it’s beautiful, graceful and powerful, while at the same time being real scary. Yahara Sensei encompasses the philosophy of ‘Ikken Hisstatsu‘ in his every technique! Staying with Yahara Sensei and Unsu, this is a great video, with Yahara Sensei explaining what this particular shotokan kata means to him. It’s […]

Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Masters Of Karate Anko Itosu

Master Anko Itosu, after being one of the driving forces behind the push to get karate into Okinawan schools, he is also considered by many, to be the main reason karate spread to mainland Japan and then the rest of the world! Anko Itosu was born in 1831 and died in 1915. He was small […]

Karate Practice – How Often Sho...

Karate Practice – How Often Should I Train?

Normally, someone new to Karate will attend one session per week in the beginning, as the student progresses this will obviously increase. I personally recommend training at least two sessions per week, as soon as possible, but once per week is ok for the first three to six months, after this, a minimum of two […]

The Difference Between A Person Of Do...

The Difference Between A Person Of Do (The Way) And A Little Person

Many years ago, my sensei told me a story, A student once asked his sensei, “What is the difference between a person of Do (the way) and a little person?” The sensei replies, “It is simple. When the little person receives their first dan black belt, they can hardly wait to run home and shout […]

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

How To Learn Karate By Yourself

More and more people are starting to learn karate, there are people joining karate dojo every minute of every day and there are just as many people who want to practice karate, but have no where to go! NO ONE can say you CANNOT learn karate by yourself, of course we recommend a good karate […]