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Learn Karate At Home The First Shotok...

kihon kata

Taikyoku shodan or Kihon kata is the first shotokan karate kata practiced. It simplicity makes the form very confusing for a new karateka, because the whole kata only consists of 2 different karate techniques, they are gedan barai (downward block) and oi zuki (stepping punch). Both techniques are performed in zenkutsudachi (front stance). There are […]

Simultaneous Block and Counter Shotok...

Simultaneous Block and Counter Shotokan Karate Kumite Exercise

This kumite exercise consists of three gyaku zuki (reverse punch) attacks, with 3 simultaneous block/reverse punch counters. This is a great shotokan exercise for timing. Start slowly, then gradually pick up the speed, until the attacker can add in dummy and feigns before the attacks are launched (see video below). It takes great timing and […]

Shotokan Karate Heian Kata 1-5

Shotokan Karate Heian Kata 1-5

The History Of The Heian (Pinan) katas One of the stories surrounding the history of the Heian (Pinan) katas claims that Master Shishu, Anko (Yasutsune Itosu) learned a Kata from a Chinese living in Okinawa. This Kata was called “Chiang Nan” by the Chinese man. The form became known as “Channan” to the Okinawan masters […]

Jiyu Ippon kumite – Shotokan Ka...

Jiyu Ippon kumite – Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Sparring

Generally, Jiyu-ippon kumite is introduced into the training at 3rd Kyu (brown belt). Jiyu-ippon kumite requires fast reactions and the ability to adapt to changing situations, the attacker is allowed to move freely, dummy and feign before the attacks. Unlike Kihon-ippon kumite (basic one-step sparring), where the attacker moves from a static position. Attacker and […]

Oizuki – Stepping Punch

Oizuki – Stepping Punch

Oizuki (basic stepping punch), looks so simple. But for Shotokan karateka who follow the karate way, it’s an art form all on its own! Indeed, lots of dojo place little importance on the intricate and detailed movement required to execute karate’s basic stepping punch (oizuki). They see a step and a punch and as long […]

Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Basics Kic...

Shotokan Karate Brown Belt Basics Kicking Combination 1

This kicking exercise is part of the required brown belt basics for brown belt and above, here at Karate Classes Online. 1. Take up a fighting stance with the left leg in front 2. Kick mae geri (front kick) with the right leg. 3. Step down and forward after the kick, then execute a yoko […]

Shotokan Karate Stances – Zenku...

Shotokan Karate Stances – Zenkutsu Dachi – Front Stance

When you first start karate, Zenkutsu dachi is one of the first karate stances you will practice. A good strong front stance is essential in your karate practice, as this is where the foundations of your karate begin. Zenkutsu dachi is used by many as a conditioning exercise, obviously, when fighting or in self defense, […]

Shotokan Karate Exercise Partner Kick...

Shotokan Karate Exercise Partner Kicking Combination

A shotokan karate exercise involving a kicking combination. From left side kamae, 1. Mae geri with the right leg, then step back 2. step 45 degrees forward and to the right with the right leg. 3. step up with the left leg then rotate and kick mawashi geri with the right leg to the back […]

Shotokan Karate Basic Shotokan Stance...

Shotokan Karate Basic Shotokan Stances

Heisoku-dachi – informal attention stance Heisoku-dachi (informal attention stance). Feet and heels together, arms straight, hands open and placed against the thighs, at the side of the body. Make sure the hands are straight, with the thumbs bent. Karate dojo use Heisoku-dachi (Feet together), or Musubi-dachi (Heels together, feet turned out), before a particular karate […]