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Ushiro Geri Shotokan Karate Exercise

ushiro geri exercise

A really simple shotokan karate exercise, working on not over turning the hips and body on back kick. Partner up, or this exercise can also be practiced against the wall. From ju-kamae simply spin and kick ushiro geri, stop at completion of the kick and try not to push onto the target, to hold your […]

Mikio Yahara Sensei And Unsu!

When watching Yahara Sensei perform Unsu, it’s beautiful, graceful and powerful, while at the same time being real scary. Yahara Sensei encompasses the philosophy of ‘Ikken Hisstatsu‘ in his every technique! Staying with Yahara Sensei and Unsu, this is a great video, with Yahara Sensei explaining what this particular shotokan kata means to him. It’s […]

Shotokan Karate Exercise For Back Kic...

Shotokan Karate Exercise For Back Kick (Ushiro Geri)

Ushiro geri is one of the strongest shotokan karate kicks and executed by someone who reall has a full understanding of the techniue, this kick can be devastating! One of the common mistakes when practicing the shotokan karate back kick or ushiro geri, is the over spin! Karateka (someone who practices karate) spin to do […]