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Learning Karate – Relax! 5 Top...

Learning Karate –  Relax! 5 Top Tips On How To Relax During Karate Training

Karateka need to relax during training, but unfortunately many karateka move around like Robbie Robots! Peoples natural demeaner is sometimes maginfied in the karate dojo. If someone is naturally quite tense, they will sometimes become even more tense because that’s how they have lived their life for many years and at the opposite end of […]

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And ...

Karate For Beginners The Warm Up And Stretch

This is one of the most neglected parts of karate training and it is a part of karate that you ignore at your peril. Not only is stretching healthy, it also helps prevent injury during karate classes. Stretching should be practiced before and after your karate lessons. My sensei said to me, ‘the only time […]