Tekki Shodan Shotokan Karate Kata Videos

Tekki Shodan Means ‘Iron Horse First Level’.

There are three Tekki Kata within the Shotokan system. Tekki shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan.

Tekki Shodan in many karate dojo, is the required kata for 3rd Kyu or brown belt, but this does vary from dojo to dojo.

The original name for the Tekki kata, was Naihanchi which means ‘Inner Progress Battle’.

The entire kata is practiced in Kiba Dachi (horse riding stance). All the techniques within the kata are short and explosive. Power is generated from the legs hips and body. If practiced properly, these kata enable karateka to deliver very powerful techniques from short distance.

Master Anko Itosu learned Naihanchi whilst studying karate with Master Sokon Matsumura, who in turn learned Naihanchi from a Chinese martial arts master living in Tomari.

Many karate historians believe Master Itosu changed the original Naihanchi kata and created three kata from the one original.

Motobu Choki talks about Naihanchi in his book. He learned the kata from Sokon Matsumura, Sakuma Pechin, Anko Itosu and Kosaku Matsumora. Motobu taught his own interpretation of Naihanchi, which included like grappling and throwing techniques. Motobu Choki said that the Tekki kata contains all that one needs to know to become a great fighter.

Master Gichin Funakoshi trained with both Anko Itosu and Anko Asato, but he learned the Naihanchi kata from Anko Asato. Master Gichin Funakoshi renamed the kata Tekki (Iron Horse) in reference to his other teacher, the strong and powerful Anko Itosu. Master Funakoshi said in his autobiography that he spent ten years learning and practicing the three Tekki kata, while studying under Itosu.

Tekki may have originated in Taiwan. There is a style of White Crane Boxing, known as Dan Qiu Ban Bai He Quan (Half Hillock, Half White Crane Boxing). This system has a form called Neixi which means ‘inside knee’ in Mandarin. This form includes the same sweeping action found in the nami-gaeshi (returning wave) technique of Naihanchi. Neixi is pronounced Nohanchi in Fuzhou dialect also known as the Foochow dialect, it is the standard dialect of Min Dong, which is a branch of Min Chinese spoken mainly in the eastern part of Fujian Province, which could indicate Neixi is the forerunner to Naihanchi.

There are three kata in modern Shotokan karate. Some historians believe the second and third Tekki Kata were created by Anko Itosu. Other historians believe the three Tekki Kata were originally one kata, but were broken up into three separate forms by Anko Itosu.

Here are some great videos of Tekki Shodan. Oss! 🙂

Master Gichin Funakoshi

Master Hirokau Kanazawa

Master Masao Kawasoe

Master Tatsuya Naka

Master Masatoshi Nakayama and Master Yoshiharu Osaka Tekki Shodan Tutorial



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