What Do You Want From Karate?

You Must Know This Before Starting Karate!
Before you even think about attending karate classes, or practicing at home you need to know what type of karate you want to practice.karate training

There are all sorts of people practicing karate and there are as many different types of karate instructors, teaching karate, as there are different people practicing karate, so no two karate dojo are the same, because the karate instructor will teach the style of karate that is suited to their personality.

learn to fight

There are people only interested in fighting, people who want to keep fit, people who want to lose weight, who want to strengthen their character, who want to meet people and belong to a group, there’s people whoe are interested in the art of karate, people who love the whole philosophy surrounding the martial arts, etc, etc, etc.

So, before starting karate, you need to have a clear idea on what you want from the martial arts, then finding a good dojo is much easier.

With all the resources online, after a few weeks of reading articles, watching videos and looking at local karate school websites, you should have a much clearer idea of what you want from your karate training.

Then it’s time to check out a few local dojo and see if you can try a few taster classes.

Not every karate dojo is the same! They are ALL different. The hard part is finding an instructor who teaches the karate you want to practice.

Have a good look around, before you commit time and money.

I hope you find the karate dojo for you, on or off line!

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